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elections.dtree 2.0.0

  • Rewrote the package to use prefio for handling ballots.
  • Added the function social_choice for computing election results explicitly.
  • Improved documentation in README.


  • Improved the sample_posterior multithreading so that the remainder is spread out among the worker threads instead of the entire workload being run on the head process.
  • Fixed an issue where sampling from a tree with the n_ballots parameter set to a value fewer than the number of observed ballots replacement raises an error.


Fixed a bug in the dirichlet_tree$sample_posterior method where specifying n_threads=x would result in x+1 threads spawning.


Added a logical parameter replace to the sample_posterior methods. This flag allows you to sample from the posterior distribution without reusing the ballots in the sample.


  • Fixed Multinomial overflow issue on libc++, improved documentation.


  • Patched the Dirichlet-Multinomial sampling for systems built on libc++.


  • Patched concurrency functionality for sample_posterior which prevented compilation on clang systems.


  • Initial release